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Singing a Great Dream Online Premiere: Nov. 21, 2020, 9:00 am UTC-10 (Nepal Time)

"Songs...speak the truth of life." "गीतले जीवनको सत्य बोल्छ।" Please join us for the online Premiere of Singing A Great Dream: The Revolutionary Songs and Life of Khusiram Pakhrin--the story of people’s singer, songwriter, and Nepali Maoist cultural leader Khusiram Pakhrin’s musical journey through nearly 4 decades of political movements and revolution in Nepal, featuring… Continue reading Singing a Great Dream Online Premiere: Nov. 21, 2020, 9:00 am UTC-10 (Nepal Time)

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रातो लालटिनबाट रि-पोस्ट: गीतहरु क्रान्तिकारी भएपछि भावना पार्टीगत हुँदैन

गीतहरु क्रान्तिकारी भएपछि भावना पार्टीगत हुँदैन Interview for Rato Laltin with Prakash Thapa Magar Originally posted on January 22, 2019 आना स्टर (पिएच.डी.), अमेरिकी सङ्गीत अन्वेषक ।२०५७ सालमा अमेरिकी विद्यार्थीहरुको एउटा टोली नेपाल आयो । त्यो टोलीलाई नेपाली भाषाका साथै अन्य विषयहरु पनि सिकाइयो । चार महिनाजति नेपालमा बसेको उक्त टोलीमा थिइन्, आना मारिया स्टर । उक्त टोलीले… Continue reading रातो लालटिनबाट रि-पोस्ट: गीतहरु क्रान्तिकारी भएपछि भावना पार्टीगत हुँदैन

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“Revolutionary Songs” of the Anti-Rana Movement

Translation of a report by Sewa Bhattarai from June 1, 2017, on BBC Nepali. Although Nepali communists today refer to the 1950 overthrow of the Rana regime and establishment of democracy as "change" rather than "revolution," members of the Nepali Congress refer to this change as revolution. At this juncture, as well as in the… Continue reading “Revolutionary Songs” of the Anti-Rana Movement

Rashmi Rajya Laxmi Shah's poem in her calligraphy
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Red, Love, Women, and Revolution

"After Jagat Shah was killed in action during a revolt against King Mahendra's government in 1962, Rashmi Rajya stayed in Calcutta as a political refugee before she committed suicide in full bridal wear a day before Teej of the same year. The poem was penned during that time in memory of her husband."

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Ralpha: An Overview (translation)

Who were Ralpha? Nepal's original leftist cultural group, they began as a politically neutral artists' collective interested in nihilism and existentialism (and surrealism, as Manjul points out in the 1988 memoir The Footsteps of Memory). As I begin writing a new book on political performance, love, and friendship among Nepal's political left, Ralpha are the… Continue reading Ralpha: An Overview (translation)

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Fulbright, CAORC NEH, and a Sabbatical Project

I'm thrilled that I've been awarded two fellowships, a Fulbright Scholar Award and the CAORC NEH Senior Fellowship, to work on my new book project, on Nepali progressive song. 2018-2019 will be a sabbatical year of research and writing in Nepal. I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and new, and working on this project (more… Continue reading Fulbright, CAORC NEH, and a Sabbatical Project

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Kauda Chudka in Gorkha District

In May 2007, this celebration of kauda chudka song and dance, in Lower Gyaja village of Manakamana VDC in Gorkha district, helped me understand how Nepal's urban dohori restaurants were trying to create a rural festival atmosphere. It also led me to question strict separation between political songs and "regular" folk songs. The song posted… Continue reading Kauda Chudka in Gorkha District