Introduction: Singing Across Divides

The music video playlist below contains the songs from 2005 mentioned in the Introduction:

  1. Ban Ko Kaada Le–Bandipur: This is the scene that opens the book Singing Across Divides, filmed by Rashil Palanchoke in Bandipur, Tanahun, in 2005. The strongest singing voice is Sitali Nepali’s.
  2. Ban Ko Kaada Le [The Thorns of the Forest], official music video from Kalinchowk Digital, sung by Bimal Dangi and Laxmi Neupane.
  3. Pachuto (Bihe Gare Hatarai Hatarma) [Guilt (I Got Married in a Hurry)], Dhaulagiri Cassette Center, sung by Bishnu Khatri and Bima Kumari Dura
  4. Hong Kong ID Le [With a Hong Kong ID], Dhaulagiri Cassette Center, sung by Bima Kumari Dura, Sunumaya Chepang, and Milan Lama.
  5. Hong Kong Malaya, official music video from Music Nepal, sung by Raju Pariyar and Laxmi Neupane.
  6. Hong Kong Malaya, live dohori (May 2021)

The slideshow below shows pictures from days planting millet, singing, and dancing in Bandipur in 2005.

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The slideshow below contains pictures that begin to link Kathmandu and the music industry with rural spaces for dohori performance.

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