Khusiram Pakhrin Collection

These photos were provided by Khusiram Pakhrin and illustrate a life spent performing progressive songs. 

Highlights include family photos from the 1960s and 1970s, performances with the Akhil Nepal Bharat Ekata Samaj in various Indian cities, performances in Chitwan, performance tours throughout western and central Nepal, life in the forest and Maoist base areas during the People’s War, Samana Cultural Family during and after the People’s War, and Khusiram Pakhrin’s travels in Europe after becoming a member of the Constituent Assembly in 2008. Performers who feature in many of the photos include Sharada Shrestha and Chunu Gurung, both of whom were killed in the People’s War; Anjana Gurung; Usha Lama; Hemu Thapa, Barsha Gajmer, Maya Gajmer, Suman Gajmer, and others.

The photos below are a sample of his collection, which will soon be hosted at Nepal Picture Library.