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The World (Cup) At Their Feet

The World Cup starts this weekend in Qatar. Along with the excitement that always accompanies this major sporting event, the question remains: at what cost? First there was FIFA gate. Then the stories of the workers began to become better known; articles about the “World Cup of shame” proliferated.

For the Nepali migrant workers who built the stadiums and made this World Cup possible, that cost has been extensive, coming at the expense of many lives. And, the World Cup is only one part of the ongoing problem of exploitative labor practices for Nepali workers who travel to the Gulf states (and beyond). Although the kafala sponsorship system is no longer in practice, much remains to improve. In Episode 2: The Lost Lives below, Nepali workers and their families tell their stories.

I am humbled to have been part of the excellent team that produced this documentary series for La Media Inglesa, working on the subtitles for Episode 2: The Lost Lives (below) with Philippe Carino and his translation agency Docnroll along with Kedar Bhandari, Mark Turin, and the Spanish subtitle team of Edu Cano, Valentín Hernandez Lima, and Valentina Mascetti.

View Episode 1: All the FIFA’s Men (about FIFA gate and more)

View with Spanish subtitles

View Episode 2: The Lost Lives (stories of Nepali workers)

View Episode 2 with Spanish subtitles

Episode 3 will be released on Friday, November 18 on La Media Inglesa‘s YouTube channel.