I’m being awarded the Ali Miya Prize!

Ali Mia

I am incredibly honored to announce that I will be receiving the 2016 Ali Miya Prize, on February 27, in Pokhara, Nepal. This prize is given yearly to individuals who have made notable contributions to folklore in Nepal, including folk music and folk literature. Previous recipients include Hari Devi Koirala and Prem Raja Mahat, among others. I am delighted to be included along with these luminaries of Nepali folk song.

Ali Miya was one of Nepal’s foremost folk poets and songwriters of the twentieth century. He was an ecumenical artist who composed poetry and songs in many styles, especially those from his home area of the western hills around Pokhara. A Muslim who embraced the poetic languages of all religions, he is dear to the heart of many Nepalese. You can read more about him here, which is also the post from which the above photo is drawn.