Press from the Ali Miya Prize


I received the Ali Miya Prize from the Ali Miya Folklore Academy (Ali Miya Lok Wangmaya Pratisthan) on February 27th, 2016 in Pokhara, Nepal.

The Rastriya Sanchar Samiti wrote this piece in English that was taken up by the Kathmandu Post, Himalayan Times, and other English dailies in Nepal as well as websites featuring Nepali news in English, like infonepal.net.

In the Nepali press, Tulsi Pravas wrote this article for Samadhan News: नेपाली मनकी अमेरिकी ‘आना’. Kantipur published “अमेरिकी आनालाई अलि मियाँ ” by Lal Prasad Sharma. EAdarsha.com published “आनालाई अलि मियाँ पुरस्कार“. Several more articles appeared in print only, before and after the prize was awarded.

On the radio, Shikhar Gajarkote of Himal FM interviewed me over the phone from Solu Khumbu. Sabeena Karki of Kantipur FM interviewed me on her program Mid-Week Music. A video she took after the interview was over is available here. Rajkumar Rayamajhi of Nepal Bani Network interviewed me for a Saturday morning broadcast that went out from all radio stations of the network throughout Nepal.

Another video is available from when I sang dohori at the Lekhnath Mahotsav on February 26th, 2016.

Thanks to all who took interest in and promoted this event! I am grateful for the recognition of my work and for the affirmation that what I do is valued among the communities whose music I am studying and performing. I am especially pleased to receive the prize in the name of Ali Miya, a man who throughout his lifetime promoted understanding and equality between castes, ethnic groups, social classes, and religions in Nepal, through his songs, poetry, and actions. While I am honored to receive this prize, I also recognize that there is much more to be done. I see this prize as a major encouragement along the way to wider acknowledgment and value of Nepal’s living folk cultures and their continued importance in society. I will carry with me the values expressed by Ali Miya, of equality, simplicity, and beauty in art as in life.