Nepalese Music at Hawaii State Library Jan 30 2016

Nepalese music 1 30 16, #3

Nepali Folk Music from the Mountains, Hills, and Plains

Ram Kumar Singh (bansuri flute, madal drum)

Anna Stirr (bansuri flute, madal drum, vocals)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

12:00-1:00 pm

Library front lobby

Ram Kumar Singh, bansuri

Improvised solo in the Nepali folk tradition

Ram Kumar Singh, bansuri

Anna Stirr, madal

Harvest song from the Dhimal ethnic group (traditional; eastern plains)

Song for the Tihar Holiday (traditional; Kathmandu valley)

The Flute Plays, Tiriri (by Panna Kaji Shakya; Kathmandu valley)

Girlfriends’ Song (traditional; eastern hills)

Fluttering Silk Handkerchief (by Buddhi Pariyar; eastern hills)

Ram Kumar Singh, madal

Anna Stirr, bansuri and vocals

Song for the May Full Moon from the Rai ethnic group (traditional; eastern hills)

Dance song from the Tamang ethnic group (traditional; central mountains)

Black Hat (by Komal Oli; western hills)

 I Weep as I Go to the Fields (by Srijana Birahi Thapa; western hills)

Across Nine Hills (by Bima Kumari Dura; western hills)

While I was Going to Tulsipur (by Komal Oli; western plains)

Song from the Tharu ethnic group (traditional; western plains)

The Wind Blows in Ghorahi Bazaar (traditional; western plains)